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Corporate Reorganization

Strengthen Your Company

There are many reasons a company may choose to restructure. Often, existing structures are the product of decisions made years earlier and reflect circumstances that are no longer applicable in today’s business landscape. A reorganization may also be necessary to address changes in shareholders or tax law or the introduction of a family trust.

Through corporate reorganization, you can ensure that your corporate structure meets your current and future needs. We work with companies to rethink their organizational structure, better positioning them to make the most of tax saving opportunities and prepare for future success.



Pay Less Tax and Meet Your Financial Goals

A tax efficient structure will yield benefits for you and your company far into the future. Start maximizing opportunities today.


Simplify the Succession Process

Ensure your business runs smoothly after your tenure by bringing family members or employees into the company’s leadership/ownership.


Establish a Strong Corporate Foundation

Well-thought-through structures provide clarity and confidence for stakeholders, paving the way for transformative growth. 

What You Need to Know

  • Start Early

    The best-case scenario is to correctly establish your corporate structure from the beginning. This saves time and money and ensures you reap the tax benefits of an efficient structure from the very start.

  • Adapt to Change

    Often, corporate structures need to be reworked to address changes in tax law, family dynamics, etc. This is a normal part of business and, with the right guidance and care, can produce beneficial results.

  •  Be Proactive

    Dealing with your corporate structure now will save you from complications and conflict later. In addition to tax-saving opportunities, a preemptive approach brings clarity and peace of mind while better preparing you for the future.

  • Case Study

    Service Rendered: Corporate Reorganization

    “I owned a very successful company and another that was less so. When I had to sell my successful company, I was looking at a tax bill of approximately $150,000. When I met with Kevin, he suggested I undergo a corporate evaluation. Doing so revealed an opportunity to amalgamate my two companies, taking advantage of the losses from one to offset the gains in the other. Kevin’s tax plan saved me approximately $114,000 and also addressed a number of outstanding accounts I didn’t know how to deal with. The process was short and painless.”

    —Dave A.

  • Case Study

    Service Rendered: Corporate Reorganization

    “My wife’s mother passed and bequeathed her a piece of property. My wife and I decided to subdivide the property into 10 lots. After crunching the numbers we determined the project could result in a $1,000,000 net over two years. Kevin informed us that with our current structure, we would be looking at tax in the neighborhood of $540,000! Kevin suggested a corporate structure that allowed us to roll the property into the corporation and reduce our tax from 54% to 11%.”

    —Johann R.

  • Case Study

    Service Rendered: Corporate Reorganization

    “I have been with KDB since 2011 and have always gotten great advice. In 2017 CRA came out with some new rules for corporations and splitting income with family members. Kevin reviewed my corporate structure and recommended my company undergo a corporate reorganization to ensure I was on side with CRA’s new tax rules. The reorganization reduced my personal taxes from $14,700 a year down to $3,600.” 

    —John R.

  • Case Study

    Service Rendered: Corporate Reorganization

    “When I met with Kevin about 8 years ago I needed him to review my corporate structure as I had a few different types of businesses operating under the same corporate umbrella. After reviewing my corporate profile Kevin came up with a tax plan that involved a corporate reorganization that allowed me to sell off the different businesses I didn’t want, keep the ones I did want, and take advantage of the lifetime capital gains exemption and not pay any tax on the sale of the businesses I didn’t want anymore.”  

    —Lindsay L.

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