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Strategic Tax Planning Services

Preserve Your Wealth

Tax and business strategies can make a huge difference to any business or individual’s bottom line. We work with you to protect your investments, minimize your tax liability, and optimize your position, so you can start retaining—and growing—your wealth today.

Our team understands that an effective tax plan requires a mastery of tax legislation and creative, out-of-the-box thinking. It takes a tenacious ability to seek out and take advantage of every possible tax-saving opportunity. At KDB, we’re equipped to deftly navigate the tax code and devise forward-thinking solutions, facilitating lasting success.



Pay Less Tax and Optimize Your Position

We know the nuances of the tax code and can spot ways to decrease your tax burden, so you can keep more of your wealth.


Make More Informed Choices

By understanding the tax implications of each financial decision, you will be better positioned to manage your business and personal finances.


Gracefully Adapt to Change

Meet changes in the economy, in the tax law, or in your business or personal life with a personalized, in-depth strategic plan.

What You Need to Know

  • Our Approach Is Holistic

    Taking in your full financial picture—your assets, liabilities, and personal circumstances—allows us to design a comprehensive plan customized to your specific needs.

  • Our Advice Is Timely

    Our commitment to continuous education and research means we stay up to date on tax legislation as well as on business and political trends, so you can make solid, forward-thinking decisions.

  • We Are CRA Compliant

    Everything we do complies with Canada Revenue Agency’s regulations and is aligned with The National Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants.

  • Case Study

    Service Rendered: Strategic Tax Planning

    In 2019 I sold my fishing business and was going to attempt to complete my taxes on my own, as I normally did. My wife convinced me to see a professional accountant as she felt the sale of the business was trickier than usual. I agreed with her. I am so glad I went to KDB as Kevin researched my situation and determined that I fell under some very generous tax laws that allowed me to claim the sale of my fishing business and not pay $1.00 in capital gains tax! I am so happy I listened to my wife and met Kevin.”

    —Rod J.

  • Case Study

    Service Rendered: Strategic Tax Planning

    “I came to KDB 8 years ago with a major problem concerning my corporate structure. I was close to retiring and my prior accountant told me I would be eligible to sell my company, receiving upwards of $750,000 tax free. When I had a potential buyer, though, my accountant told me I didn’t qualify for the money. Kevin confirmed that this accountant was correct, but he then set up a strategic, CRA-compliant tax plan that enabled my company to be sold with $2.25m in capital gains being tax free. Because of KDB’s care and attention, I feel confident with my financial affairs.”

    —Mike T.

  • Case Study

    Service Rendered: Strategic Tax Planning

    “Over the last few years I had taken a lot of money out of my main operating company as my daughter was getting married and my son was purchasing a new house. Kevin told me I was looking at personal tax of over $110,000 but that he could come up with a plan to eliminate the tax bill and create a cushion of tax-free money that I could draw upon in the future. It almost sounded too good to be true! Kevin then had me incorporate and transfer my shares into a new company, which created a shareholder loan in my favour of $725,000. The personal tax bill of $110,000 was eliminated.”   

    – Michael T.

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