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Trust & Estate Planning Services

Protect Your Assets

You’ve worked hard to accumulate your assets. The best way to ensure your wishes are followed, your legacy is secured, and your loved ones are cared for is to develop an estate plan. Business owners have an added responsibility to develop a plan to protect the business’s legacy as well as key stakeholders and beneficiaries.

While trust and estate planning can seem complex and intimidating, our proven process makes it efficient and straight-forward. After conducting a thorough review of your financial and personal circumstances, we create a plan customized to your unique needs, so you can experience peace of mind and focus on enjoying your life.  



Secure Your Legacy

Clarify your wishes for your estate by designating beneficiaries, allocating assets, and planning philanthropic bequests.


Provide for Loved Ones

Take care of those closest to you. With careful, comprehensive planning, you can protect them from unwanted tax burdens and experience peace of mind.


Ease a Difficult Time

Making decisions in advance saves your loved ones from unnecessary labour, conflict, or complications during an emotionally trying period.

What You Need to Know

  • We Work with Legal Counsel

    Before a lawyer can notarize your trust and estate plan, you need an accurate and thorough tax strategy.

  • We Account for Unique Circumstances

    Whether you own a family business, are part of a blended or divorced family, or have disabled dependents or elderly relatives, we can develop a plan that works for your situation.

  • A Will Is Not Enough

    Without adequate trust and estate planning, your estate could pay up to 63% tax as a result of three layers of tax. A detailed plan could reduce taxes from 63% to 25%.

  • Case Study

    Service Rendered: Trust & Estate Planning

    “My father was given six months to live and he wanted to ensure his wife from his second marriage was financially secure. One of our challenges was how my father would provide his second wife with financial security without bequeathing his entire estate to her. Kevin developed a very effective estate plan that enabled my father to financially tend to his second wife’s needs while also providing an inheritance to me as his only child from his first marriage. Kevin’s plan gave my father peace of mind in his final months of life, which was invaluable.”

    —Ron D.

  • Case Study

    Service Rendered: Trust & Estate Planning

    “My husband and I own and operate two successful businesses. We used our own money to assist our kids with their living expenses and university tuition. Unfortunately, because we are in the highest tax bracket, by providing our kids with $30,000 each, it was actually costing us $40,000 in tax. After meeting with Kevin, he immediately identified a more tax efficient way to meet our objectives. He put together a family trust, making our kids beneficiaries. We now pay our kids $30,000 each through the family trust and they don’t pay any tax on this money. Kevin saved us approximately $33,000 per year in personal taxes.”

    —Helen T.

  • Case Study

    Service Rendered: Trust & Estate Planning

    “During my lifetime I accumulated a significant investment portfolio of $6m and an RRIF of just over $500,000. I wanted to leave my second wife something but have the majority of my estate go to my three kids from my first marriage. I’ve heard horror stories of second or third spouses challenging the contents of the will. Given the size of my estate I was looking at probate fees of up to $91,000. Kevin fixed my two biggest concerns: he guaranteed that my kids will receive my portfolio unchallenged and that my second wife will receive a significant portion of my estate. The added bonus? Probate savings of upwards of $84,000.”

    —Dave B.

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